Welcome at brasserie Amare

Imagine; a sunny day in The Hague, the city known for its beautiful architecture and vibrant atmosphere. While wandering through the charming streets, you discover a hidden gem that tantalizes your senses and warms your heart - Brasserie Amare. A gastronomic treasure within the Amare theater, combining cultural refinement and coziness.

Brasserie Amare is the sister venue of Luden Den Haag, located on the lively Plein. Those familiar with Luden know it for its hospitality, service, and quality. You can expect nothing less when visiting Brasserie Amare. The Brasserie is managed by Sandra Blokdijk, a familiar face from Luden for many years. At Brasserie Amare, you'll experience the same stylish ambiance and cozy decor.

Step inside Brasserie Amare; we welcome you with a smile. For culinary enthusiasts, Chef Joram has crafted exquisite dishes. Visitors of the theater are also considered - gather with your companions for a lovely dinner paired with delightful wines. Come enjoy a convivial atmosphere with fine finger foods before your evening begins, a perfect complement to the magic of the performances at the Amare theater. Or relax on our sunny terrace to catch the last warm rays in our capital city.

Whether you wish to indulge in an elaborate dinner before a show or simply want to experience a special evening out with friends and family, Brasserie Amare caters to everyone's tastes. We ensure an unforgettable visit every day, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Venue in The Hague

At Brasserie Amare, everything revolves around the love for food and hospitality. Curious about all the possibilities? We are open for breakfast, lunch, drinks, and dinner. Business reservations are also more than welcome; especially for them, we have put together (group) arrangements. Think of a corporate drinks gathering, group dinner, meeting, or presentation. Feel free to get in touch, and we'd be delighted to assist you in organizing the perfect event.

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